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We set up and manage your sharemarket portfolio to helpyou achieve your financial goals.

We set up and manage your sharemarket portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Excellence in Wealth Management, Finnies Awards

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    Smart technology.
    Friendly expert advice.

    Enjoy using our custom-built dashboard and having accessto human advice to answer any questions.


    Stocksadvisers builds and manages your sharemarket portfolio for you, so you can get on with enjoying life and not having to worry about picking stocks.


    Enjoy a customised portfolio that is tailored to your circumstances, taking into account your risk appetite and financial goals.


    Stocksadvisers experts are always available to help you along your investing journey. They're only an email, phone call, or live chat away.

    More consistent returns with less risk^

    The Stocksadvisers portfolios have outperformed at least 97% of similar funds. Our portfolios take advantage of rising markets and cushion the fall during inevitable market downturns. It’s the easy and stress-free way to build your wealth, and minimise risks so you can get on with enjoying life. ^See how we reduce risk.

    Different accounts for your different needs


    Investing in your own name. An account for one.


    Investing with someone else. An account for two people.


    Investing for your children or grandchildren under 18 years of age. An account for the next generation.


    Investing as a self-managed super fund. An account for DIY super.


    Investing for a family, discretionary, or testamentary trust. An account for more complex structures.


    Investing for a registered company or business. An account for businesses, big or small.


    Investing as a charity or not-for-profit. An account for mission-driven organisations.

    An award-winning

    Our client dashboard, app, and educational blog are yours to use 24/7. Monitor your portfolio, learn more about investing, keep track of your investment goals and transfer funds whenever you want.

    Stocksadvisers Security Guarantee

    Your shares are owned by you, safely registered with the ASX under CHESS sponsorship.

    Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of bank level security and encryption.

    Withdraw your funds safely and securely at any time. No hidden charges apply.

    Meet the Stocksadvisers investment experts.
    They're here to serve you.

    Meet the Stocksadvisers investment experts.
    They're here to serve you.


    Investing for kids

    Help your little ones prepare for the future


    Taking steps towards financial freedom

    Move beyond traditional savings accounts


    From traditional adviser to robo adviser

    Get personalised investment advice, save fees and invest confidently

    More than 12,500 Australians trust Stocksadvisers to grow and protect their wealth.​

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